LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas) is a hydrocarbon gas that exists in a liquefied form. LPG is a colourless, low carbon and highly efficient fuel. Supplied in two main forms, propane and butane, LPG has a range of uses – from providing fuel for Autogas vehicles, leisure parks, crop-drying, BBQs, heating homes and much more. LPG boils at a low temperature and to avoid it evaporating due to its low boiling point, it is typically stored in pressurised steel vessels such as gas bottles or bulk LPG tanks. Since LPG is an efficient gas, it is very affordable. If your equipment is modern, you could save even more money by using this gas. If you’re unsure what these two fuels are used for, read on…

  • Propane is used for BBQs, off-grid domestic LPG central heating, LPG gas cookers, caravans, plus numerous other residential and commercial applications
  • Butane is perfect for fuelling indoor portable heaters, plus is often used as refrigeration fuel and as a propellant in both household and industrial environments.

If you are not connected to a natural gas supply, a service we offer is that of a liquid petroleum gas central heating system. Due to our experience in this area, we can offer advice regarding LPG supply and use. Our advice and know-how can prevent you from running out of gas while waiting for a truck to bring it to your property!

If you would like more information on whether LPG could be an option for you, get in touch today on 07796 695551.