What our customers say

For over 19 years we have been providing an unrivalled and friendly professional plumbing service to our happy clients. We wanted to share some of the testimonials we’ve received over the years.


Testimonial For Luan Jakupaj at LJ Heating  From St James’s Place Wealth Management. July 2018

At Skentelbery Financial Planning I take a pride in being professional and providing the most appropriate service based on the clients specific objectives and needs rather than purely what they think they need.I wanted to say a big thank you to Luan Jakupaj for the work he has undertaken this year. Luan has often mentioned to me the importance of regularly checking the boiler. Having not had a boiler service for 4 years he assessed ours and informed us that unless he serviced it properly it could cost us thousands in the long run, which was of great concern.He subsequently serviced the boiler meticulously and informed us it was both safe and running efficiently.My wife was absolutely amazed at his professionalism, and the fact that after he was finished there was no mess at all. He treated our house like a home and was extremely careful in carrying out his work.Having known Luan for many years and recommended him to clients and friends alike I know they are in very safe hands. Luan you a true professional and a gentleman. Keep up the great work and I will continue to recommend you to all contacts I have. 

Thank you, Will Skentelbery. Principal of Skentelbery Financial Planning


Testimonial from R J Roofing, Bedford. February 2019

I would like to thank you for the work you completed at my house recently. You installed a Magna Filter and somekind of other unit which I don’t have a clue about. We didn’t need to be there and you and your boys came in and done the business.When I got home I didn’t even know you had been there as you left everything back to how it was, with no mess. You clearly take pride in what you do!! You clearly know your stuff and are very professional. I will certainly be recommending you and will be using you annually for servicing and anything eise that needs attending to. 

Kind Regards, Robert Johnston, RJ Roofing Ltd


Testimonial from Anthea Cowen, Bedford. February 2019

I am proud to be connected with the multi award-winning company, Utility Warehouse, and likewise proud, that through BNI Encore, I have made many other excellent connections such as with Luan of LJ Heating Ltd. Luan has, time and again, exceeded expectations in looking after my property and those of my friends, family and business colleagues. Which is why I had not hesitation in recommending him to my friend Beverley when she needed her old toilet sorting out! This is what she sent to me this week:

“l had a toilet cistern that was high up so I am guessing at least 40 years old. The chain broke and I had to stand on the toilet seat to flush it. Luan came to the rescue; he had a look and didn’t run away! He gave me a date, time and price for installing a new cistern, and arrived early to do the job. The existing pipework was a bit of problem but he sorted it all out with a smile! Luxury! I can now flush my toilet with ease. He also serviced my boiler. I am delighted with the work he has done and absolutely will not hesitate to recommend him to all my friends and family.”  Beverley Everitt, May 2018

I too am always happy to recommend LJ Heating Ltd at every opportunity and am proud to count Luan as a friend. Best regards, Anthea Cowen. The Utility Warehouse


Testimonial from A Plan Insurance, Luton. 

At A-Plan it is of upmost importance that we provide the best service possible and the client’s journey is everything to us, and when something happens to one of them we need to make sure they are astounded with the way they are treated. When I refer a client to anybody i have to be able to trust them because I’m putting a whole company’s reputation on the line. When I refer to Luan its generally because someone is in trouble, and they’ve trusted us. However I have no doubt in my mind every time I need him, he will deliver. Every one of our valuable clients that I’ve referred to Luan has gone personally out of their way to tell me how great he is and I see exactly why. I recently sent someone Luan’s way who’s boiler had broken down and they had very young children in the house, it was fundamental that they had heating that night bearing in mind it was also snowing. They had a home emergency policy with us and they called them to action, the quickest they could get out to them was Sunday. (This is Thursday). She called me up devastated because they had nowhere to stay and her children were really starting to struggle. I gave Luan a call and boom, that night he was out to them and the boiler was back up and running, I was flabbergasted. It’s not often you come across a guy who delivers that sort of service short notice and prompts the client to go onto our website and write a glowing review about him for hundreds of people to see. Luan, it’s a pleasure to have you in our chapter, as a great friend, colleague, and all round fantastic bloke.

The team at A Plan,Luton


Testimonial from Alpha Homes Ltd, Hemel Hempstead. December 2017

 Luan has just finished installing a brand new gas heating system in our new house. We are extremely happy withthe work carried out and would not hesitate to in recommending Luan to anyone. Luan holds himself to the highest standards of work. Luan didn’t just didn’t just go the extra mile he went an extra 10 miles to ensure we were completely satisfied with every step of the process, which was very important to us as it gave us the opportunity to be involved. The professionalism and genuine passion of Luan and his staff was second to none, we could not have asked for a better Job. We would 100% recommend Luan to all our family friends.

From Stelios and Maddy


Testimonial from JGC Marketing & Communications

I am absolutely delighted with the service from LJ Heating and without visiting BNI earlier this year and meeting Luan I would not have taken the plunge to have a new electric boiler, controls and a new immersion tank (that is likely to out live me!) installed in my loft. From start to finish the job was done professionally, on time and to the cost quoted. Everyone on the team was helpful, friendly and very knowledgeable. At every stage Luan talked me through the process and how everything works, he checked after the job was completed that everything was in good order — he even came back to check on the pressure. My experience of working with tradesman (which has been a lot in the last two years totally renovating a house) I would say that Luan rates top of the tree — he arrived on time, every time, he was extremely careful of the walls, carpets and covered everything. I was only without hot water for one day — which I thought was fabulous considering he took out the old water tank and immersion, old boiler and my oil tank! A professional through and through Luan takes pride in a job well done and his attention to detail is second to none. Everything is neat and tidy. He even painted an escape pipe in black so it blended in with the drainpipe and managed to match the brick colours where the flu from the oil boiler was removed. I would certainly recommend having an electric boiler as it is quiet, efficient and very small compared to an oil boiler. The immersion delivers lots of hot water and my water pressure is super — it’s great to have a shower now and no pump needed. I have more space with a cupboard in the kitchen, a big cupboard on the landing where my old immersion tank was and at least a third of my garden back with the oil tank removed. Last but not least I love the Nest controller — there are lots of reasons to have one of these too, just ask Luan.

 A massive thank you to Luan. Kind regards,Julia Girling. Marketing Consultant, JGC Marketing & Communications


Testimonial from Care As You Like It Ltd, Luton. November 2017

Luan Jakupaj of LJ Heating is probably the best plumbing and heating and engineer in the world. In fact I have yet to meet another man who is as committed and enthusiastic about his work as Luan is. His work is efficient and you cannot but be impressed with his professionalism, competence and commitment to getting the correct solution for every customer. Luan is very good at explaining how to fix your plumbing or heating problem and will always look for the most cost effective solution to the customer. Not many people will spend time looking for the problem and fixing it if they can just replace and make more money… In Luan’s case, his integrity is to be admired. Luan Jakupaj works for you, putting your needs at the Centre – before profit for his company and it’s because of this that LJ heating is going from strength to strength. I have used Luan’s services on three occasions now and would personally recommend him for any of your plumbing or heating needs.

Laura Kennedy, Director


Testimonial from BBQ & More, St Albans

At BBQ & More, we understand how important it is that our customers are 100% happy and we go out of our way to ensure that this is the case. Luan, when carried out work for us, we saw the same values in you. Luan plumbed in our new bathroom, changed our heating cylinder, fitted NEST, flushed our heating system and fixed a nurnber of other niggling issues such as leaky valves in our home. Yes, he and his team were there for a month and might as well have moved in! Luan knew that deadlines were tight as we were rushing to complete all works before we received visitors arriving from abroad for our daughter Sacha’s wedding. I stressed as each little unforeseen problem and challenge arose. Luan would see the horror on my face and smile sweetly, explaining the issue, and what was needed before calmly telling me that he would take care of it and not to worry about a thing. And that’s exactly what he did. Some of the challenges were unrelated to plumbing, which Luan didn’t have to burden himself with, but he did and in the process he became a carpenter and builder as well as a plumber — thank you Luan. He laid down a carpet of plastic from the front door to the bathroom upstairs to ensure that nothing was spoilt. Every night he tidied up, sweeping and hoovering so my house looked tidier than before he even came. His attention to detail was unsurpassable for example when I bought a black towel radiator to fit, Luan noticed that the connecting piping was copper in colour. Luan went out of his way to locate and buy special black paint and painted the copper piping black to match the radiator. You see Luan, you are not just a plumber, you are an extraordinary plumber. I would not hesitate in recommending Luan to all my friends, family, and colleagues. You are truly a rarity. You simply do not get plumbers like you Luan!

Mel & George Demetriou – bbq & more


Testimonial from R J Roofing, Bedford. August 2017

After finding out my father in law had issues with his boiler, I asked Luan to check mine as mine was installed by the same company. The outcome was the other installer had wired it all wrong but luckily my cylinder did not crack like my father in laws! I asked Luan to make the alterations, along with another issue he found. Luan was extremely professional and we did not even know he had been in the house as he was so tidy. The system installation cost me thousands of pounds and for a simple wrong doing could of cost me even more if the issue was not sorted quickly. Luan is an excellent tradesman and highly recommended. I will 100% be using Luan again!! Thank you for all your help.

Kind Regards, Robbie Johnston


Testimonial from I Hussain & Co Ltd, Luton

I would personally like to thank you for the excellent work that you have done at both my home, and myoffice. You always show a passion for what you do and bring a smile with you. At my home, in particular you have excelled. We had an issue with our Megaflow system which you correctly identified as not being resolved properly by another heating engineer. They had installed a stop gap instead of delving deeper into the cause of the disruption. This gave us great assurances that we are great hands. Thank you for bringing a refreshing attitude and excellence to your workmanship. It is a pleasure being a customer of yours.

Yours faithfully, Shahbaz Hussain BSc. FCA.


Testimonial from Anthea Cowen, Bedford. March 2017

As a distributor for a business that prides itself on award-winning customer service, I always look and hope to receive the same quality of service from others. So I want to say how grateful I am to have been introduced to Luan, of LJ Plumbing and Heating, through BNI Encore. It was whilst we were having a 1:1 meeting where I was learning about his business that he highlighted some of the routine maintenance he takes care of that often gets neglected by other heating engineers, often because they are not fully qualified in that area. He talked about the regular inspection required on components of an unvented hot water system, and explained why this was essential. At this point I realised that we had an unvented system and we had been unaware of the need to service it annually. Only our boiler had been part of our regular annual checks in the 5 years since installation. We quickly arranged for Luan to come and inspect it, and sure enough, the expansion vessel was damaged and was not functioning as it should. Luan carefully showed me what the problem was, which I could now easily see for myself, and explained the consequences of not replacing the item. He scheduled in the replacement, arrived right on time and completed the works in a tidy fashion for a good price. Gordon and I are so pleased I had that 1:1 with Luan, and are delighted with what he has done for us. We also now come to him for our rental properties and recommend him to our family, friends, and colleagues; in fact anyone who wants a trusted engineer for their plumbing & heating! Thank you so much Luan!

Best regards, Anthea Cowen


Testimonial from Lucalily Pathogenics

May I take this opportunity to thank you wholeheartedly for the amazing job you recently completed for Vikki Richman and her family. ‘Luan was first recommended to me in the midst of an on going battle with plumbing professionals telling us something that just didn’t feel right. We were exasperated and not exactly trusting. From the moment we made contact with Luan he put us at ease. He diagnosed our problem, talked through options, came and did exactly what he’d promised. But what surprised us was he followed up. He takes pride in his work and wanted to ensure everything was fine. I was able to recommend him to my 85 year old in laws with confidence and when they were suddenly left with no hot water he was so quick to help them out and again •followed up with us to make sure they were happy and okay, in spite of being on his way to a well earned break. We cannot thank Luan enough for his exemplary friendly service. We are happy to recommend him.’ Vikki Richman.

High praise indeed and I couldn’t agree more, thank you so much Luan and LJ Heating for restoring Vikki’s faith in plumbers and doing an amazing job. Many thanks, Tamsin Henman. The Pathogen Whisperer


Testimonial from Hardiman Performance Ltd

As a busy businessman, I pride myself on being ‘geeked out’ on everything I can physically know (at any one time) about the industry’s I work in. Unfortunately owning two businesses in separate industries leaves little room in my brain for much else. So, when the girls from my hair salon, Dolls and Dudes Hair and Beauty called me to say the water and heating had shut down on a busy salon day you won’t be surprised to know I had little in the way of answers to solve their problem. Fortunately, Luan, having received endless amounts of recommendations for you and your work at LJ Heating, I knew there was only one man to call……and I am very pleased I did just that. Not only did you go out of your way to come to the Salon at 8pm at night, you also arranged for me to pick up a pump that very night and after I collected it, you came back and fitted it, sticking around to 11 prn and restoring the system to its former glory in time for a busy day in the salon the very next day. You have also come to the rescue on multiple occasions since. You always respond quickly, professionally and go out of your way time and time again to make sure whatever we have asked for is sorted. It doesn’t hurt that you are also a top bloke! Luan, thanks again for the quality work and I will, of course, as always, keep recommending you to family, friends and colleagues in need of your services.

Regards, Dale Hardirnan, Clinical Director Hardiman Performance LTD

Testimonial from Maria Moore Psychotherapy

This is a much deserved testimonial to Luan “the plumbing man”. Not only did Luan go out of his way at the weekend to sort out a pipe that created a leak which showed on my lounge ceiling. Which created a hole that would only have got worse. He also went out of his way to explain the best way in keeping our heating effective, efficient and up to date. With this we found out how we were not using our system to the best advantage thus, creating more work for ourselves and not getting the benefit of our boiler This was counterproductive as the make and value of the boiler, we were not using to the best impact and simplicity. This meant our previous installer though helpful enough to install the system, did leave a lot out in giving the appropriate information which was important for getting the best out of the equipment. Thank you Luan, you really are the “plumbing man”. I would not hesitate to recommend you to anyone.

Much appreciated, Maria Moore


Testimonial from Computer Forge Limited

I recently employed the services of Luan in having our boiler serviced. Both me and my wife were impressed by Luan’s efficiency and ability to explain the technicalities behind the work he has carried out. Withour comfort and safety at his heart Luan offered us great advice on how to use the boiler efficiently and safely and recommended certain maintenance actions aimed at extending the boilers trouble free operation for years to come. I had no hesitation in following his advice and we booked another visit so Luan could address a number of issues identified during the initial check. Once again his work left nothing to be desired. Luan and his colleague arrived on time, carried all necessary parts and fixed our boiler in no time leaving our kitchen mess fee and our house warm and gas safe. I would highly recommend Luan’s services to all my friends and family as well as business owners since Luan specialises in commercial heating systems as well. Thank you Luan for your help and advice.

Yours sincerely, Maciek Oleksiak, Computer Forge Ltd.

Testimonial from KJ Durbin Photography

I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for what I can only describe as exceptional service you offered to me when my shower broke down a short time ago. When I contacted you, you informed me you had just returned from holiday and was just settling back home, however despite this you still said you would be with me within an hour of so. When you arrived you quickly analysed the problem and gave me advice regarding the issue and set about fixing the issues including a complete flush through of my system. Your work was both efficient and professional, leaving where you had worked clean and tidy and the only evidence that you had been at all was a working shower. Luan, I cannot thank you enough her helping at such short notice and at a competitive price and I will have no hesitation in recommending you to my friends and family for any of their plumbing needs in the future. You are a credit to BNI Encore.

Thank You, Kenny Durbin


Testimonial from Venture Residential 

Being an estate agent in Luton I have dealt with many contractors and particular, plumbers. I didn’t know Luan that well, but after my one-on-one with Luan I was so impressed I asked him to personally come to my home for a boiler issue I have. To say that he was professional was an understatement. My wife could not believe how well he explained everything and how knowledgeable he was. She said it helped that he is handsome also ! I told Luan my daughter is a fussy sleeper and if he could come after 3pm (her nap) that would be ideal. He arrived EXACTLY (unheard off) onetime at 3pm to get the job done. If you need a plumber, any job, I recommend Luan. He is a great guy. All the 6 guys are starting to refer Luan as he is fantastic.

Thank you, Barry Thakrar


Testimonial from Katy and Jason Royce

We are writing to thank you for the excellent service that we received from you on our boiler. We were really impressed that you arrived at exactly the time that we were expecting you to. The work was completed quickly, efficiently and at a really affordable rate. You were extremely considerate in your approach, working neatly and even wearing shoe protectors, as well as being a pleasure to have in our home. We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend you to others and look forward to working with you again soon.

Kind regards, Katy and Jason


Testimonial from Mintstead Limited

As an agency that is growing with more and more properties, we are always in need of contractors that are reliable and can get the work done easily and at a reasonable cost to our clients. The first time I used Luan, he was there on the same day and dealt with the job in a very efficient manner. I was so impressed and have now got him on our panel of contractors who we give regular work to. When you have tenants that get very upset over having no hot water, families with no heating – it is a must for us to have reliable contractors that go out asap and get the work done very efficiently. My staff are finding LJ Heating a big help with our business. Thanks a lot for your help.

Regards, Roksana Akhtar. Director