Plumbing & Heating Services

Domestic and Commercial Plumbing and Heating in Bedfordshire by LJ Heating

Boiler Installation & Repair Services


Our company is fully compliant with all boiler installation and repairs. Before the initial installation of a new boiler, we will check your gas supply type to make sure that we install the right boiler.

Here are some of the most common issues you may encounter down the road, but if you are unfamiliar with how to fix them, it is advised to give us a cal – no heat or hot water, unusual noises, lights going out, leaking or broken thermostat, frozen pipes or decreased pressure, boiler shutting off by itself – just give us a call and we’ll be able to help!

Central Heating – Gas


Because gas supply for central heating unit is more affordable than that of electric units, it is the most popular option in the UK.

After we install gas piping, you have the option of using a gas stove and gas clothes dryer, saving even more money in the long term. Other benefits include no disruption when the power goes out. The biggest expense will occur if you need to run pipes to bring the gas to your property but this is rare. We can advise, design, install and repair all types of gas central heating systems and appliances.

Central Heating – LPG


If you are not connected to a natural gas supply, a service we offer is that of a liquid petroleum gas central heating system. Due to our experience in this area, we can offer advice regarding LPG supply and use. Our advice and know-how can prevent you from running out of gas while waiting for a truck to bring it to your property!

Since LPG is an efficient gas, it is very affordable. If your equipment is modern, you could save even more money by using this gas.

Commercial Catering Services


Our commercial catering services supply and repair the following equipment in the restaurant industry:

Dishwashers and glasswashers
Ovens and stoves
Ice machines and refrigerators
Small kitchen appliances, such as mixers, etc.

We understand that every day counts when you are in the hospitality industry. For this reason, our emergency services are available 24/7.

Plumbing Services

Besides gas work, we also take care of the water and other plumbed equipment to ensure that it is functioning properly. We can design install and maintain all plumbing systems with more than 19 years experience, we know the best way to accomplish all plumbing work.

This includes making sure that the mains water supply, tanks, pumps, and waste water systems are all in line with regulations. The mains water system is used and checked in line with all local laws for waste water treatment.

We are on call twenty four hours a day in case of emergencies.

Landlord Gas Services


Landlords who are renting out property that have gas appliances on the property are required by law to acquire a gas safety certificate.

The certificate states that the appliances are checked annually for imperfections and safety hazards. Every time a maintenance check is done, the landlord is required to show the certificate of completion to the tenant within twenty eight days of the inspection. We can take care of all safety certificates for landlords, both domestic and commercial.

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