Domestic Plumbing & Heating

Plumbing and Heating Services for Your Home in Bedfordshire

Gas Central Heating

Because gas for heating is more affordable than electric heating, it is the most popular domestic heating option for most households.

After we install gas piping, we can install all types gas appliances, saving even more money in the long term. Other benefits include no disruption when the power goes out.

It can be expensive to run pipes to bring the gas to your property but this is usually only a concern for new properties.


Gas Fires

A gas fire can make a home a home! In order to keep your gas fire running safely and efficiently, it is necessary to service it annually, particularly before the cold weather arrives!

At LJ Heating, we can install and maintain as well as repair all types of gas fires. If you have any issues with your gas fire, we are always here to help!


Under Floor Heating

Under floor heating is very efficient and convenient for homeowners. Unlike standard convectional heating using radiators, it heats the full room, rather than just the area around the radiator.
Because it heats the full room, under floor heating only needs to heat to around half of the temperature of a radiator, meaning that household bills will be lower.
At LJ Heating, we design, install and maintain all types of under floor heating systems. Please get in touch for information.


Domestic Gas Check

We are able to be a source of commercial and domestic energy. One way in which these services differ is that it is easier to break a domestic contract, since the gas is not leased. There would only be a small fee paid at the time of breaking the lease. However, commercial leases have a larger fee for termination.

We do annual maintenance checkups on all of our gas equipment to make sure that the tank is not leaking carbon monoxide. Features checked every year include

  • Settings and operating pressure, as well as any safety devices
  • Everything functions as need be
  • Harmful gases, such as carbon monoxide are not being leaked into the air you breathe


Domestic Plumbing

Besides the initial gas hookup, we also take care of the water equipment to ensure that it is functioning properly. This includes making sure that the mains water supply, tanks, pumps, and sewer systems are all in line with current legislation.

The water mains system is also responsible for drainage hookups and fire hydrant hookups. We are on call twenty four hours a day in case of emergencies.



Domestic Plumbing & Heating

We offer many services for both commercial and domestic premises. Depending on the gas provider, they include

  • Boiler installation and maintenance
  • Commercial gas boiler disposal
  • Performance of plant and equipment safety checks
  • Gas hot water plant maintenance
  • Gas heating repairs

Our services include the recommended safety checks are annual to keep the boiler in top shape. If the boiler is over ten years old, it is more likely to become unreliable. It will be more economical in the long run if we replace it with new equipment that will consistently meet safety standards. For more information, consult your supplier.

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