When you’re in the hospitality industry, the success of your business relies on equipment working properly and safely. Regular maintenance is important for commercial kitchen equipment and appliances, staying current on maintenance and inspections for your equipment such as refrigerator, freezer, cooler, fryers, ranges, griddles and grills can help reduce breakdowns.

Here are some top tips to help keep your commercial kitchen running….

Refrigeration Equipment

  • Air Filters – check air filters in all refrigerators, ice machines and coolers. With dust and grease buildup, air flow to these machines can be reduced preventing proper ventilation. 
  • Door Gaskets – cracks and tears around the door gaskets can cause air leaks. Repair any cracks and tears, and be sure to clean any gaskets or moving parts. Grease and dirt can damage the gaskets and cause unexpected interruptions.
  • Clean drain pans and tubes – if you have walk-in coolers, freezers, and refrigerators, keeping the drain pans and tubes clean is important. Refrigeration units collect debris from slime and sludge that can freeze on the unit. If these tubes aren’t cleaned regularly, it can cause breakdowns requiring repair , or worse case scenario, the need for a unit replacement.


  • Inspect for any gas leaks every four to six weeks.
  • Clean combustion fans  at least once a month.
  • Boil out the fryer every week to help prevent carbon deposits, fat build up and protect food quality.

Griddles, Grills, and Ranges

  • Clean grates, flattops, grease traps and burners  after every use. A more in-depth cleaning may be needed on a monthly basis, including drip trays and areas underneath these surfaces
  • Check grease filters on exhaust units to stay on top of grease build up and constrict airflow. If you notice any damage or excessive amounts of grease that cannot be cleaned, the filter may need replacement.

We understand that every day counts in the hospitality industry and this is why our emergency services are available 24/7. In foodservice, lost time equals lost revenue so get in touch today on 07796 695551, to see how we can hep maintain your commercial kitchen to keep the wheels of hospitality in motion.